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Cherokee styled Native American Indian Regalia and Dance Items.
Seed beaded earrings and jewelry. Traditional earrings and necklaces
HAND CRAFTED in Arkansas City, Kansas
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Robert William Vincent
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Jewelry designed by Robert William Vincent 2011
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 Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone? New book NOW AVAILABLE

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My Nation, is the United States of America...I am proud to be an American.
My Country is the United States of America...I am proud of my Country.
My prayers are for peace in the World: YET WAR IS BEFORE PEACE.
My Hope is for Joy again: But, joy must be after sorrow of War.





About The Bear Cave System of Interactive Caves

Within the Bear's Cave System you will find the sharing's of feelings, thoughts, concepts and ideas: As well as Native American recipes, stories and ideas attached to the beginning concepts upon which founded.
Within as you explore the Bear's Cave System you will find love, peace and tranquilty in many caves discovered, and you will find flowing tears too. Cleansing tears shed never alone in here.
Within these Caves are many discoveries to seek and find, and you cannot leave but that you leave your troubles behind: Many are writing us daily that if the Caves have done anything: They have given a place to share.
We are Christians Born Anew in Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Bob, whom is pabear..was born in Minnesota in 1948. He has degrees in Engineering, Paralegal, Business Management, and is licensed to operate before the Internal Revenue Service. And, has been an Evangelical Evangelist for over 25 years.
Pabear has one daughter and two grandchildren:..... And pabear had one son (whom is with the Lord awaiting our return).
Bob has ministered and does minister even now to Friars, Brothers, Ministers and even sometimes Priests. He is a Biblical Theologian and has written numerous writings and articles on the scriptures.
Normally, we are very private individuals: However..we felt the need at the present time to come forth and be that which we are: Servants in the Service of Christ Jesus our Lord.

We humans are strange?

We humans, are strange creatures of habit, feelings and concerns:
Each moment of life..begins a moment closer to the afterlife..yet!
We remain it seems more entwined with battlements of thought and action, than we do of peace and constraints...Peace and Harmony are the simple concepts and precepts of the Gosple of Christ Jesus.  
And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him. (Col:3:17)


WE all should try remembering we cannot tell  another what or how to do something..we may suggest new alternatives of course: And, sometimes they even listen or gain insight to change: But, we never can be held responsible for anothers inept actions or reactions in any one given or related situations: IN ALL THINGS!
be true..unto thyself and unto the Lord.............By pabear48

1984 A small 3 and 3/4 year old girl was given the following to share:

                     Believe it or not!           It happened!

Word is Shared: Amen and Amen

Love Jesus Christ of Nazareth
I love Jesus
He says, He loves all the people.
He is coming back:
Because He loves all his children.
His children love, pray and fold their hands.
They lift up their hands to Jesus and Pray!
His men are prepared for the battle.
Jesus is coming soon.
This was Given to a 3 3/4 year old girl in 1984..whom
declared this was from her friend Jesus.


To all my children.
I give them by scripture,
To tell all.
That I love them.
That I give the scriptures to them.
And, I want to give the scriptures to all My Children.
Right Now!
In the Latter Days.
This was Given to a 3 3/4 year old girl in 1984..whom
declared this was from her friend Jesus.

 They are precious in His sight.
All those who love Jesus.
All the children in the world.
The angels are coming with Jesus.
All those dead in Jesus with Him.
In the clouds they are coming.
Jesus is coming.

This was Given to a 3 3/4 year old girl in 1984..whom
declared this was from her friend Jesus


The above is true: I was present and witnessed the event, and it was recorded.

Clearly the ways of the Lord are not the ways of mankind.

Pabear says:

RUSH RUSH RUSH...That is the humanology of Today.
Leaving little time to simply sit, contemplate and pray.
Leaving little time to savor the Light of The Lord in Each.
Leaving little time to find tranquility within so it may shine without.

HEAR AND UNDERSTAND:  Give time unto yourself.
                                            Give time to re-charge your mind.
                                            Give yourself a break.
                                            Give time to really pray!

A child shall lead you!

The time of the Lord's Return is close at hand!

May you be ready, watching and prepared.


 TITLED: WILL THE BEAR GET YOU....original author unknow..modified by pabear48

               There was a man who did not believe in God. A small man who worked the forest for a living cutting down the trees without care or thought about planting new ones, or thinking about his actions on Mother Earth. One day, the man who did not believe in God went for a walk in the nearby woods, and as he was walking along began enjoying the loveliness of all he saw. Suddenly, out of no where it seems his eyes caught a very large black bear. Before the man could react the bear took out after the man. The man who did not believe in God was running as fast as he could. But, the bear was gaining. Just as the bear stretched out his big bear paw with claws gleaming in the sun: The
man who did not believe in God..Yelled out: " Oh God"?.
                All of a sudden! The wind stopped and not one leaf moved. The air was still. And the bear was like frozen in time, and stopped. Whereupon, out of the stillness and silence, a voice said to the man who did not believe in God: " Yes! What is it you want? For you have never believed in me and yet you call me now." The man said to God.."No! I do not believe in you. But, since You are here, would You ask, make this bear a Christian?":  Immediately, the air started to move and the leaves rustled once again and the man felt safe. The man who did not believe in God looked around to see what had happened to the great black bear. In astonishment, the man who did not believe in God watched the big black bear on his knees with his great claws and paws folded under his chin: And the man heard the bear speaking: " Thank You God for this food I am about to receive......................."


The Light of the pabear48 in his new books HRAY-MAH

Titled: Hray-Mah Jesus Christ is Coming!

            Author: Robert William Vincent (aka pabear48)


 I watched as the sun set in the cold orange sky. I asked God, "What does this mean for those today upon the earth?".  I sought for wisdom and knowledge about even the setting of the sun. And, God said: " It is the difference between the Light and the Darkness". Then I understood! All know when it is dark and gloomy. They know when they hurt and fear. They cry when in pain and anguish. They seek to be comforted from the bleakness of the dark. For the dark they can feel and let it allude upon their lives. They hate the dark, and yet deny the Light. How poor in wisdom they have become, as they seek not the Light of the world even while they mourn upon their beds all weeping in their own sorrows. They await for help. Yet, they seek not the Light of the world. They wish for the dawning of morning so that they may continue on with what they call life. They come near unto the Light many times during troubled times. But, still they reach not out to take hold of the Light as a most cherished pearl. They have become cold and waxed lukewarm. For now they hold not unto the Light of the world. However, when in pain they move toward the Light for warmth, understanding and comfort. Thus, they bask in the Light only long enough to be gently warmed and lightly comforted by the Light of the world. Even still they profess the Light when trials and tribulations beset upon them: Nevertheless they continue to remove themselves from the Light as they are comforted and lightly warmed and refreshed.

           They want the comfort of the Light. Even while they still deny the POWER of the Light. They openly confess to the Light only that which they fear the darkness has disclosed in the streaks of Light upon them. They are much waxed cold to the Love of the Light. Nonetheless: The secret of the Light they hold in their hearts and spirit. They even openly proclaim the Light while denying the Power of the same Light. They have an appearance of being comforted and bathed in the warmth of the Light: But are still creatures of the darkness.

            They walk to and fro trying to bring darkness to meet and cover the Light. For in perpetual darkness do they dwell. Even though they all hate the darkness and still they will fully deny the Light of the world. They want the Light as long as they do not have to give up the darkness within. They want the warmth of the Light only to dispair the pain, and the hurt for the moment. Many do come into the shimmers of the Light. But only for moments, and even in a moment the Light bathes them in comfort and joy.

             Even the leaders of darkness know about the Light. They try becoming like the Light, and bring even more condemnation upon themselves. But, They fool many into the deception that they know the Light, and that they bask in the warmth and comfort of the Light. They are pretenders pretending by miraculous deception that they are of the Light, and not of the darkness. They are foul and loathsome creatures of the night.

             Our God does call all unto the Light. It is a Loving Light. It dispels all darkness. It is a warm and                         basking Light. It is the only Light and Life upon the earth. It is God's Son. It is Jesus!
              And, no way exists to come to God..Except by the Light of the World. And, that Light is Jesus Christ.

               Wherefore it is written:  Come to me, I am lowly, meek and mild, My cross is easy to bear and My Love for you is pure and fair. I have opened the doorway and no man can close it upon you, while I 'am still in the world. I'am alive. I'am living just for you. I AM THE GREAT I AM. ...I AM YOUR LORD GOD...I AM GOD...I AM THE SON...I AM THE HOLY SPIRIT...I AM CHRIST JESUS...I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD...I AM THE WAY.  Come to me with all your heart, mind, body and soul. I AM THE LIGHT AND BEHOLD: I come quickly....................................................{paraphrased by scripture}Amen

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